Legacy of a life lived walking & talking with God

Hand in Hand

Legacy of a life lived walking and talking with God…

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to Hand in Hand! My name is Leslie Seifert. This blog was birthed from a desire to write a book for my grandchildren (yet unborn).  In my quest to write the book, someone encouraged me to start a blog.  I thought to myself I don’t want to write a blog; I want to write a book.  However, I’m not sure how to start writing a book, so here I am, wading through the unknown waters of blogging, sharing my story with those who care to listen; writing, culling and organizing what I pray will one day become a book to encourage the generations that follow.  Thanks for joining me on the journey.  What an honor and privilege to share God’s love with you too!

 Oh Lord, This blog is from You, about You and for You!  May every word bring glory to Your Name!

Blog Posts


One Tick at a Time 

You only have to live one day at a time.   


The Skunk

Visiting Great Grandpa’s farm often presented the opportunity to play outside and to view unusual animals in their habitat at the edge of the timber.  Today was no exception. 


Fragrance of Jesus

May our lives be a message of His everlasting love as we spread His fragrance wherever we go.